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Brass Collection

These items are made with brass. Proper care  is needed for these handcrafted unique pieces.

Care Instructions:

1. Perspiration/Water/Chemical Agents

Do not forget to remove your accessories when you are doing activity which may interact with perspiration, water and chemical agents. Exposing your -accessories to the above may dull your accessories.

2. Dust

Wearing your accessories outdoor cause dust to stick onto it. It is recommended to wipe it off using soft towel or cloth.

3. Make-up

Put your  accessories ONLY AFTER you have applied your make-up, lotion and your hair products. They contain chemical agents which may tarnish your accessories.

4. Storage

Keep your  accessories in low humidity environment separately. Do not stack them together and always avoid direct sunlight.

5. Cleaning

Do not ever use commercial solvents and water to clean your  accessories. It is good enough to wipe dirt using soft towel or cloth regularly.