Reseller Rates

Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. :) 

We provide reseller rates depending on the number of straws ordered.

Each straw comes with a brush.


METAL STRAWS (Bent or straight)

Silver -99

Gold/rosegold -129

Glass/Black/mermaid -165

Milktea silver -135

Milktea color -165

Yerba color -260(no brush)

Yerba silver -250(no brush)

GLASS STRAWS (Bent or straight)


Skinny - 165

Milktea - 175

BAMBOO (Straight) -129

Linen bag -69

Brush -49


50-100 ORDER:

less 30% off the total order

100 and above ORDER:

less 45% off the total order 


Shipping fees apply and for quotation depending on the weight & size of the package and the destination.

Pick up point:

411A Henrys Building 80 Ortigas Ave. Greenhills San Juan

(02) 7290211


We hope to partner with you soon! :) 


Thank you!